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Ultimate Solutions to Prevent Dent Refrigerator & Freezer Damaged on Delivery: Proper Packaging with Impact Indicator 2

When it comes to shipping large appliances like refrigerators, ensuring their safe arrival at the destination can be a challenge. A dent or damage during transit can not only compromise the aesthetics of the fridge but also lead to potential malfunctions. In this study case, we will explore the causes of fridge damage during shipping, […]
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Semiconductors are critical components of electronic devices, enabling advancements in communications, computing, healthcare, military systems, transportation, clean energy, and a wide range of other applications. Popular Mechanics staff members initiated a test a few years ago to determine how various shipping companies would handle sensor shipments. "One disheartening result," the authors wrote, "was that when […]


True Costs of Damaged Products: How can Shock Indicator Help? (60% Effective)

We, as an advocate of preventing shipping damage, have always emphasized the importance of prevention of damaged products, but what impact does product damage have on our business? And what are the real numbers that happen every day? Why does a useful tool to reduce damage matter to our business? Let’s explore this subject. Both […]

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